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  • Daily Dog Walking

  • Pet Care Visits

  • Overnight Care

  • Dog Adventure Excursions

  • Puppy Visits

  • Professional Dog Coaching and Behavior Modification

  • Pet Taxi and Concierge Services

  • House Sitting (No Pets)

  • Advice on Nutrition

  • Not seeing what you are looking for on the menu? Just ask!


Overnight Care


No more kennels or boarding facilities for your pup. He or she will enjoy the comforts of your home or our home while you are away.


In-Home Overnight Care

While you are away, we provide total and complete attention to feeding, playing, watching, sleeping and generally having a great time as your pet stays in the comfort and security of your home and familiar surroundings. This is an uninterrupted 12 hour service from approximately 7PM-7AM with one mid-day visit or

2 visits during the day.

This service includes walking, feeding, potty breaks, exercise, play, mental stimulation, litter box maintenance, as well as any other housekeeping tasks you would like us to handle in your absence.


In-Home Overnight Care with a mid-day visit /walk $75

In-Home Overnight Care with 2 daily visits/walk $90



Overnight Care in Pet Care Specialist's Home

Unlike most boarding facilities, your dog will get all the comforts of home as they relax and unwind in our home at the end of their active and social day. Your dog will be treated as one of own and along with love, affection, feeding and everyday basic needs covered, this service also includes 2 on-leash walks during the day.


Overnight Care in Pet Care Specialist's Home

$60 per 24 hour stay. Each additional dog is $10.


Holidays are an additional $10.

Weekends are an extra $5 per day.

Pet Care Visits


Allow your pets to have the comfort and security of their unique home environment while we provide a safe and secure outlet to walk, run, socialize, eat, drink and be merry. Dogs and cats are our mainstay but we also take care of a miscellaneous menagerie including hamsters, ferrets, guinea pigs, fish, birds, turtles and bunnies.


  • Standard Visit (up to 35 minutes) $23

  • Extended Visit (up to 65 minutes) $38


Holidays are an additional $10

Visit includes up to 2 dogs with an extra $5 for each additional dog

Weekends are an extra $5 per visit


Standard Pet Sitting Visit may include:

  • Dog Walking

  • Potty break

  • Play Time

  • Activities that stimulate the mind and body

  • Fresh water, clean bowls and feeding depending on the time of day

  • Medication administration

  • Clean crates, litter box maintenance and accident clean up

  • Basic home care (take in mail and newspaper, water plants, adjust blinds and rotate lights to maintain overall “lived in look”

  • Lots of Praise and Affection

  • Special requests

  • Safety check before leaving to ensure all pets and house are secure until the next visit

  • A note to tell you how much fun we had together and other pertinent information


Daily Dog Walking


Forget the perils of the day care scene. While you are hard at work or enjoying a day long excursion, we will make your pup's day with a stroll or brisk, energetic walk enjoying the sights, fresh air and delectable smells of your neighborhood while taking care of their essential “business”. Walk includes fresh water, feeding (depending on the time of day), medication, basic home care, lots of praise and affection and a note to tell you how much fun we had and any other pertinent information.


Standard walk (up to 35 minutes) $23

Extended walk (up to 65 minutes) $38

Walking Package─5% off 3 day on-going visits and 10% off 5 day on-going visits

Holidays are an additional $10

Walk includes up to 2 dogs ($5 for each additional dog)

Weekends are an extra $5 per visit

“Some of our greatest historical and artistic treasures

we place with curators in museums,

Others we take for walks.”

-Roger Caras-

Call today for your Complimentary Consultation

Dog Adventure Excursions


Dogs of all sizes and breeds thrive on regular daily exercise. With our adventure excursion, your pup will revel in our extended dog walking hikes and play at a variety of dog friendly parks and nature trails in and around the Twin Cities. A safe, secure outlet where your dog can romp, run, exercise and socialize. All dogs are pre-screened, must be spayed or neutered, well-socialized and non-aggressive, up to date on all vaccinations, 6 months of age or older and have ID tags with owner's contact information.


Available in morning or afternoon sessions.

Dog will be picked up and transported in a safe and secure vehicle.


Area Nature Trail or Park Outing (90 minutes) $42

Each additional dog is $5.

Weekends are an extra $5 per visit

Puppy Visits


Bringing home a new puppy is so exciting! But, it is also a huge responsibility and commitment. Puppies don't come with a good manners stamp of approval. Puppies have a long list of requirements that must be met for their overall well-being (Not to mention your wood floors and carpeting).


Good habits must be learned and reinforced. Puppy visits are designed to help you during the critical period of 8 weeks to one year of age where early socialization and puppy training are essential to their success as a happy well-adjusted dog and your success as a dog owner. House training, leash training, and basic obedience need to be addressed immediately and be consistent and on-going.


  • 2 Twenty minute visits (weekday) $35


Based on 5 days a week on-going regular visits

Holidays are an additional $10

Weekends are an extra $5 per visit

Pet Taxi & Concierge Services

We can coordinate appointments and transportation for your pet to the groomer or veterinarian and return them home to greet you at the end of your busy day. We will pick up and deliver pet food, supplies, medication and any other miscellaneous items you may need.


Please call or email for pricing

House Sitting
(No Pets)


While you are away, we will water your plants, adjust the blinds, rotate your lights, bring in the mail and newspaper and perform any other basic household requests you might have that will help achieve that “lived in” feel.


Basic Fee $25 per day

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