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There is a huge difference between surviving and thriving.

A lot of foods can sustain your pet's health. But, if you looking to achieve optimal health for dogs and cats, it's not going to come from a bag that contains: corn meal (which is an allergen), whole grain sorghum or chicken by-product meal (which can potentially contain beaks, feathers, feet, waddles and other leftover pieces lumped together and called by products). Please don't buy it. Don't be fooled by beautiful packaging or food made by well-known chefs or celebrities. A lot of great people do a lot of great things, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they make a great dog food. Evaluate ALL labels of the foods you put in your dog's or cat's mouth because they can be overwhelmingly scary. Don't forget treats!

Here are a few scary items to avoid:

  • Ground corn─an allergic whole carbohydrate difficult to digest

  • Meat and bone meal─meat is not scary in itself but if it doesn't tell you specifically what kind of protein, don't buy it. It could be chicken or it could be road kill, rendered horse meat or any type of by-product

  • Glutens─very allergenic and can create gastrointestinal problems

  • Non-descript animal fat─could be anything and be preserved with BHA or BHT which are two preservatives that should never be fed to any pet

  • Propylene glycol─second cousin to antifreeze

  • Corn syrup, high fructose, corn starch─very appealing to pets but again not appropriate for your pets and potentially toxic


Pick wisely and read labels.

To be assured of standards, stick to Made in the US. Avoid foods made in China at all costs. Feed meat-based treats. The very best treat you can offer to dogs and cats is one that has just one ingredient: 100% dehydrated human grade USDA inspected chicken, turkey, beef, bison and venison thus avoiding salts, fats, sugars and carbohydrates.


Scary Things to Avoid!

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