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Overnight Care

No more kennels or boarding facilities for your pup. He or she will enjoy the comforts of your home or our home while you are away.


In-Home Overnight Care

While you are away, we provide total and complete attention to feeding, playing, watching, sleeping and generally having a great time as your pet stays in the comfort and security of your home and familiar surroundings. This is an uninterrupted 12 hour service from approximately 7PM-7AM with one mid-day visit or 2 visits during the day.

This service includes walking, feeding, potty breaks, exercise, play, mental stimulation, litter box maintenance, as well as any other housekeeping tasks you would like us to handle in your absence.


In-Home Overnight Care with a mid-day visit /walk  $75

In-Home Overnight Care with 2 daily visits/walk      $90



Overnight Care in Pet Care Specialist's Home

Unlike most boarding facilities, your dog will get all the comforts of home as they relax and unwind in our home at the end of their active and social day. Your dog will be treated as one of own and along with love, affection, feeding and everyday basic needs covered. This service also includes

2 on-leash walks during the day.


Overnight Care in Pet Care Specialist's Home   $60 per 24 hour stay.

Each additional dog is $10.


Holidays are an additional $10.

Weekends are an extra $5 per day.

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