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Puppy Visits


Bringing home a new puppy is so exciting! But, it is also a huge responsibility and commitment. Puppies don't come with a good manners stamp of approval. Puppies have a long list of requirements that must be met for their overall well-being (Not to mention your wood floors and carpeting).


Good habits must be learned and reinforced. Puppy visits are designed to help you during the critical period of 8 weeks to one year of age where early socialization and puppy training are essential to their success as a happy well-adjusted dog and your success as a dog owner. House training, leash training, and basic obedience need to be addressed immediately and be consistent and on-going.


  • 2 Twenty minute visits (weekday) $35


Based on 5 days a week on-going regular visits

Holidays are an additional $10

Weekends are an extra $5 per visit

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