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We realize that you have many choices when it comes to the care of your pet family members. Here at Pawsitive Pet, loving, protecting and caring for animals is not just a job but a lifelong commitment. We are pet owners ourselves and wouldn't dream of leaving the supervision of our animals to anybody but the most qualified, dedicated and loving caretaker. That is what you get with Pawsitive Pet. Our number one priority is to provide individual loving care and attention to your pet and treat them as our own.

Do your pets have more beds than you do, but still sleep in yours?


Are there toys scattered around the house and you still feel the need to get that perfect toy that will just make your pup's day? 

Do you feed your pet a better diet than you feed yourself? 

Is your dog or cat's picture on your home screen of your phone, laptop or ipad?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, Pawsitive Pet is the place to be for your pet care needs! We guarantee peace of mind for you and reliable, uncompromising care for your pet.

About Us


Jody Christensen, Owner and Coach

Jenny and Baxter, Canines and Best Buds


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