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Call us today and your pet will thank you!
Sometimes life gets so busy and having a pet is a joy but also a great responsibility. When you can't be there, we bring reliable and loving care to your doorstep. From training, to walks to visits to pet taxis, we offer a wide variety of services to fit your pet's unique needs.
Our personalized dog training, walking and pet care service affords you the knowledge and peace of mind that your pets will be happy and content by providing the coaching, personal attention, companionship and entertainment they want and deserve. We believe it is a privilege to hang out with your 4 legged family member.
Being a dog walker and pet care specialist is much more than a stroll in the park. Genuine affection for animals is essential. We know each pet has unique requirements and a daily routine specific to their breed, age and health. Pawsitive Pet caters to all of these needs. 
So......Does your dog come when called? Are you planning that much needed vacation? Do you have a business trip out of town or just working long hours? Trust us to help your dog be the best he or she can be and allow us to be your pet's best friend when you aren't there. Call or email us now. 
Meet N' Sniff

We will gladly meet you and your pet for an initial complimentary consultation. “Meet 'N Sniff gives us an opportunity to learn more about you, your pet, your needs and answer any questions you may have about our service.

  • We will care for your pet as though he or she were our own.

  • We will provide loving care and companionship that your pet needs and deserves.

  • We guarantee satisfaction and peace of mind with every service.

  • We will make a difference in your pet's life.

To fulfill our clients needs beyond their expectations

  • Daily Dog Walking

  • Pet Care Visits

  • Puppy Visits

  • Dog Adventure Excursions

  • Overnight Care

  • Professional Dog Coaching and Behavior Modification

  • Pet Taxi and Concierge Services

  • House Sitting (No Pets)

  • Advice on Nutrition

  • Not seeing what you are looking for on the menu? Just ask and we will try to accommodate all requests.


Dog Walking, Training and Pet Care in Mpls

Pawsitive Pet Place Promise

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